The goal of the Egyptian Chronicles is to promote and preserve the Egyptian and Arab cultures. To achieve this, in September 2003, we have created an electronic monthly magazine aimed at establishing a beacon of knowledge beaming across the World Wide Web.

The magazine covers a variety of subjects such as:
Political Commentaries 
Modern Egyptian History 
Ancient Egyptian History 
Cultural History 
Arabic Literature 
World  Masterpieces
Short Stories 
Autobiographies / Memoirs 
Art Corner 
Word Games
Hazar Fazar (Puzzles)
Science & Technology
Egyptian Cuisine
Vintage Photos
The Alexandrian Chronicles 
Social Issues

Our aim is to help set a high standard among Egyptian and Arab internet discussion groups. The effect of which would be to help us achieve the dreams we harbor for our beloved nation. 

It is time to put our minds together and explore the future of Egypt and the Arab world, and to promote its welfare and actively contribute toward its promising bright future. 

Our monthly bilingual magazine (English/Arabic) is independent and not answerable to anyone. Each individual contributor is personally responsible for the content of his/her material, which is copyrighted to the contributor. 

The material offered is original, authored by the contributors.  We also include footnotes (Hawashiy) along with the sources of any quotes contained in our works. This policy is strictly enforced. 

Our group is blessed to include a wide range of talents, interests and diversified backgrounds in the service of Egypt and the Arab world. As a magazine, we are elated to share with the readers, a wide range of generations as well, which helps to reflect a fair and balanced representation of the various  segments and time periods of our population and history.  This combination of the wisdom of age, and the enthusiasm of youth, translates into a wholesome and rich magazine. 

We strongly believe in a high level of professionalism, imagination, and self-discipline, along with an unshakable belief in our unlimited potential. 

We are eager to promote new talent.  If you feel you have the potential and the desire to join our group of contributors, please direct your work to the Magazine Webmaster (email address below)

The Egyptian Chronicles <[email protected]>

After seventeen issues (including over 1,000 pages), we are proud to announce that The Egyptian Chronicles now has it's own permanent domain located at: .

We will gradually phase out our old domain which has been hosted at:



The Egyptian Chronicles is a cooperative effort by a group of  Egyptian authors pooling together their talents for the sake of  Egypt's Future.  Articles contained in these pages are the personal views and/or work of the authors, who bear the sole responsibility of the content of their work. This Monthly Electronic Magazine is a non-profit , commercial free zone and is answerable to no one.


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